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Bonus Games

In today's casino gaming, one popular feature turned out to be one of the strongest "magnets" to the gambling public- the bonuses. Almost everybody loves bonuses, whatever form they may take. For this reason, casino games that are played online usually have their own set of bonus games to entice more players.

Defining bonus games

Bonus games, in their simplest meaning, are special games that give players more incentives through points or cash. In other bonus games, however, you may be given more chances to play. One good example of bonus games are slots. With slots, you have to hit the right combination to get bonuses. This kind of bonus games also come in variations, with different set of rules to follow. These rules will also determine how players can earn more points or cash prizes for bonus games.

Examples of slots bonus games

"Pick the box" is one typical example or slots, which is identified as a form of bonus games. This kind of bonus games also has different versions, depending on the game provider. In this kind of bonus games, you have to hit the proper combination so you'd be presented with a number of boxes. You then have to choose one box. In some of the boxes, there would be prizes. Some would offer cash, while others would just give players bonus games- you can either play another run of the game or get to play "higher levels". Higher levels naturally mean bigger jackpots you could win through bonus games.

Why traditional reels do not have bonus games

Most video slots may offer bonus games. Traditional reel games, however, are limited when it comes to their bonus games offer. This is because these games are confined to the physical limits of the reels, while the video screen allows a great deal of flexibility. One of the most popular kinds of bonus games is the free spin. Take note, though, that not all video slots offer bonus games so check first before you play.

Other kinds of bonus games

Aside from slots, poker rooms may also be considered a good source of bonus games by providing deposit incentives. Sign up bonuses allow account holders to play bonus games by using the incentive or points they've garnered. The amount of bonuses is determined by the certain percentage taken from the initial deposit. It could be 50% or 100% match-up bonus, depending on the game provider. Although this may allow you to play bonus games, you better check the rules first. Another similar source of bonus games is the reload bonus. To enjoy bonus games, players usually need to make another deposit or try playing other games.